New BMW Motorcycles

Forged in iron and steeped in motor oil, the history of BMW motorcycles boils down to one thing - the quest for perfect rider's machine. From the early days of aero-engineering, through prosperity and hard times, BMW's commitment to excellence has never wavered. In fact, fully 50% of all the motorcycles we've ever manufactured still prowl the world's roads. And on each sits a rider who demands nothing less than the best. We should know, we've been building motorcycles for them for 80 years.
BMW, like most motorcycle manufacturers, looked to racing and time trials as a means of both boosting publicity and testing new innovations. BMWs reputation in road-racing and off-road circuits has been well established despite several periods of dormancy for competitive events. It all started a year after the first motorcycle was produced and continues today. Here is a decade by decade overview of the most significant races or events in BMW competitive motorcycling histor.

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